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Business support…That extra pair of hands.
29th March 2018

Business support…That extra pair of hands.

Setting up a small business is hard work. Getting it off the ground and turning it into a success is a lengthy process. You give it your all and are determined to make a success of it. You are dedicated to your business 24/7, and before long your hard work pays off. You feel a massive sense of relief and achievement as you watch your business grow.


Unfortunately, with that comes an even longer list of to do’s an essential behind the scenes admin task that needs to be kept on top of. So many small businesses owners fail within the first couple of years, not because they are bad at what they do, but because they have not been organised enough when it comes to keeping on top of the admin and the financial side of their business.

This is not due to lack of trying or ignorance, but just because there will be times when there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Clients’ needs come first, and although you may be managing their expectations beautifully, you are not keeping on top of your own. You need an extra pair of hands.

Other times you may need additional resources to organise an event or an outstanding presentation. It may be the end of the tax year, and you just can't quite keep on top of all your paperwork or to update training for existing staff members on using various platforms or programs. Whatever your circumstances, sometimes you just need that extra pair of hands.

The beauty of seeking business support in these situations is that you can use them for as much or as little work as is required or to suit your needs and budget, leaving you in total control of your business. Sometimes just the reassurance that you have that extra pair of hands when required means that you do not need to worry about any jobs being left outstanding, which in turn leads to a more focused and productive you.

Sometimes it can be jobs in your personal life that are taking up too much time and intruding on your working hours. You may be planning a wedding, an important birthday party or a trip around the world and the stresses of getting this right are eating into your workday. Business support staff can step in and act as a PA, and can quickly help you out and lend an extra pair of hands in these situations too. Most will have experience of event planning or be more than happy researching venues, getting quotations or travel information leaving you to get on with the work required.

Everyone needs support. Most small business owners don’t just want to get by; they want to succeed, be entrepreneurs’, build an empire. No one has ever built an empire alone, and no one has ever built an empire overnight, but everyone that has built an empire, not just in the business world, did so by relying on business support and that extra pair of hands.

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