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At Lovelock Business Services we know that client acquisition is the driving force of every company and it’s what we are good at. For our clients we create a stepping stone structure which creates positive relationships, therefore routes for business, where the prospective client has the want to converse with you.


We know that every business is individual, that’s why we bespoke our business development packages based on your personal requirements, supporting you in the areas which need to be furthered. Setting clear goals is essential for client acquisition, you must know what you want to achieve, even if it is a rough guide, as this enables us to find the correct method to follow.


Our experienced sales team are pro-active in working towards specific set goals for your business, whether this is lead generation or sales. Firstly we research into you and your particular industry, creating a marketing landscape of who your competitors are which gives us a map to base our structure from.


When this stepping stone structure has been created then a combined approach is used such as Social Media, Web-based, Email Campaigns and Telephone based prospecting – we always implement the best methods to engage with prospective clients, watch your business grow.


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