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Have you built an email marketing strategy into your business plan? It’s a great way to develop relationships with current and potential clients and to also nurture and educate your prospects towards your goals and ambitions.

Email marketing keeps your business at the forefront of people’s minds, allowing you to reach them directly via their email inbox. At Lovelock Business Services we believe that keeping you in front of your prospective clients, by delivering engaging emails means when they need your services they will contact you.

Lovelock Business Services can remove the stress for you within the email marketing process. We can handle every step, from collating all your contacts and running an efficient CRM, opening the correct marketing platform, and most importantly, creating and delivering a monthly marketing email. We can also provide on-site training sessions, instructing you and your staff on how to use the Mail-chimp platform.

We convey only the best and most inspiring ideas on content, which engages the audience and compels them to read on, relevant promotions, events, target audience and even what other channels to utilise. We can also write the content, with specific keywords and ideas given by the client. Alternatively, you can supply the content and text, and we can make it look fab!

We work with a large variety of business across a broad spectrum of trades. Feedback from our clients shows how we helped them grow and manage their businesses.

Email Marketing campaigns help you:

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