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Lovelock Business Services supply Social Media Management in three ways.


1, We do it for you! We manage your Social Media while you manage your business. We look after your Social Media Marketing in a manner which ticks all the boxes, we can grow your audience, extend your reach and get your services seen on your chosen platforms using a bespoke marketing strategy created solely for your business.


2, We can provide Social Media Consultancy for you and your staff, we offer bespoke training on site to assist in the setup and training of those responsible for your Social Media Marketing. This package can involve a side by side, Pro Outsourced, service which means, we can support you in the early months of keeping your campaigns on track until you are ready to do it alone…but we are always at the end of the phone or an email!


3, We can create the most captivating content for your business - whether this is in social posts, marketing or Blogs, we have the expertise to cater to all your social media marketing needs. 


Lovelock Business Services have a team of social media gurus’ who understand the difference between social posting and business posting. We know the benefits of using the correct content, a perfect mixture of marketing and related content to keep your Social Media active. All posting and training are always bespoke and tailored to each trade, as every business is different, no two clients have the same needs.


We always do our research… before we start any campaign or blog, our gurus’ will complete extensive research on your business, industry and also your competitors, to create the best marketing strategy available, this includes which platforms should be utilized.

We prefer to create the main platform, then branch off and grow the awareness!

Platforms we specialize in:

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