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Tailorable, adaptable, reliable.


Lovelock Business Services created a Virtual PA service to support all those businesses who need an extra pair of hands, but also need a more cost-effective method, than a full-time member of staff, or those who have grown their business and have the need to delegate. Lovelock Business Services was formed to be sufficiently adaptable to our clients’ needs, we understand the factors of employing a full-time member of staff, and along with it the risks. We pride ourselves on possessing the experience and knowledge to support you with every need so that you can remove the uncertainty and stress of a full-time employee.


With our services you always have a dedicated Virtual PA, we believe this is essential so a rapport can be formed, also an extensive understanding of your business and your needs, allowing us to be pro-active within our support methods.


Working with us is simple, you have a dedicated Virtual PA, you allocate the budget/hours, you depict the tasks which need acting upon – then your Virtual PA takes over! Another surprising fact about our services is that you can work with us as frequently as you want/need, we can support you either on an ad-hoc basis, weekly, monthly or on a retainer basis (which comes with a discount!*).


What can you delegate, whatever you need to!



Let us remove the stress from your day and go virtual with us!

*Discounts apply-  click here to contact Lovelock Business Services for more details. 

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